31 Juli 2017

a piece of helpful information

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There is some information I just wanted to share with you, it may be helpful for you, please take a look here message

Yours sincerely, muhammad yudios

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This is true, but is less true for oil than other things since oil has multiple explanatory factors for its low prices.

Central banks have been restricting investment and keeping people unemployed for the past 8 years. This means that when boomers start retiring and spending their savings, unemployment will drop in a climate of underinvestment and under-capacity, where even if everybody that wants to work is working production won’t be very high since the infrastructure, tools or raw materials won’t have been produced. We will be in a situation of starting things from scratch compared to what could have been if central banks had stimulated sufficiently to boost real investment.

This is a risk for either price spikes or very high corrective interest rates which will devalue people’s savings.

The too low inflation of the past years have made people and banks invest in fiat instead of the real economy and is paradoxically setting us up for hard to control inflation in the future and will lead to devaluation of either money or other investments depending on how central banks react when people want to spend the excess idle money.

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